And they’re off…

This is my (or our) “Hello World” blog. Since it’s traditional, we’ll begin with an introduction!


This is the ginger pony, he’s a French Trotter who was imported to the UK as a two year old when it became clear he had not inherited his grandfather’s skills as a racer. In his first few years in the England he was lightly backed; broken to harness; accidentally became a dad; and then was mainly left to his own devices for a year or two except the occasional drive out with his carriage.

When I first arrived at his field it was to help school a 5 year old dressage potential, but a few twists of fate brought me together with the gangly 8 year old field ornament who has now definitively claimed a corner of my heart. Six months later, I had to move away and the ginger beast came with me to start a new life in the Cotswolds – luckily for me, his owner felt it would be cruel to separate us and that he “might as well have a job to do”.

That was two years ago, since then we’ve been battling with dressage and teaching each other to jump. After a recent lesson, my trainer commented on how far we’ve come in the last two years and that comment is what brings me here, to this blog. It can be tough to keep perspective on how far you have come when you are in the moment, so this blog is going to be a record of our successes, failures and, hopefully, gradual progression (undoubtedly with a few detours along the way). Join us for the ride, it’s always more pleasant to hack out in company after all!